Registration of a company in Moscow

Registration of a company in Moscow
with China participation

For 15 years we have been preparing documents for companies establishment in Moscow. This includes companies establishment for Chinese citizens who serve as both participants and leaders. The participation of Chinese citizens in such companies does not require a residence permit, temporary residence permit or registration in Moscow.

With experience and established links, we act quickly, allowing you to create a legal entity for you without bureaucratic delay in three working days. If necessary, we can advise on how to obtain a permanent legal address in Moscow or the Moscow region.

In the case when the company's registration did not take place by our fault (and this happens never), we envisage a "money back" procedure, that is, a full refund of the money that you paid us for the services, as well as the costs of the notaries and the state duty.

A company with foreign investment, if foreign investors own at least 10 per cent of the shares in the capital, are also entitled to the legal protection, guarantees and benefits established by the foreign investment in the RF act from the date of foreign investor entry into it.

  1. We will give an advisory opinion
  2. Gather afull set
  3. We will hand over and receive
    documents for state registration;
  4. We will carry out
    tax registration;
  5. We will register
    in extra-budgetary funds;
  6. We'll put it on the record
    in the statistics bodies;
  7. We'll open current account
    and also foreign currency account.
    It's possible.

The presence of the participants and the leader of the establishing company in Russia is not necessary. We can do all the work with proxy issued by a notary of your country.

We can also take all the necessary actions to change the legal address, name of the company, increase or decrease the Charter capital, any type of reorganization.

We advice not to refer to "broad-based" lawyers, even from known law companies, because they do not have up-to-date knowledge of the laws in this area and than ask us.

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